Hold onto your carrots



ChainBunnies is a digital avatar collection project. Each bunny is unique and there is a total supply of 10,000. There will never be any more bunbuns.

When you purchase your bunny, you immediately begin to build your BoostScore within the ChainBoost ecosystem - this effect stacks with the more buns you get. The higher your BoostScore, the more rewards you can earn. The differing rarities of the bunnies help to determine how much of a BoostScore boost you get when you acquire your new furry friend.

Meet some of the BunBuns

Check out some of the ChainBunnies that were minted by the community.

Chainbunnies Utility

Check out some of the awesome Zombies that have been generated so far.

🔨NFT Mining

ChainBunnies are part of the ChainGuardians' Mining platform - use their hashrate to help you earn rewards.

🚀 BoostScore

Owning a ChainBunny will increase your BoostScore, which will help you earn contribution opportunities on the ChainBoost platform.

🐰 Rarities

Acquire a ChainBunny and you'll be able to see the rarity on the ChainBunny website and secondary marketplaces.

🎮 ChainGunnies

Key access to the ChainGunnies game.

👚👕 Merchandise

Merchandise (Bubble-gum, Goldie, Licorice)